2017 ASLI Choice Awards Winners

The thirteenth annual ASLI Choice Awards presentation took place in Austin, TX during the 98th Annual AMS Meeting on Monday Jan.8, 2018 at 3:30 pm in Room 3 of the Austin Convention Center. ASLI’s Choice Committee was proud to present the 2017 winners from a field of several publishers. Again this year, there were three award categories: ASLI’s Choice (Science and Technology), History and Popular. And this is the first year an online only resource has been awarded. The winners are…

2017 ASLI Choice
Meteorology of Tropical West Africa; the forecasters' handbook
Meteorology of Tropical West Africa; the forecasters’ handbook
Douglas J. Parker, Mariane Diop-Kane, Editors.
Print ISBN: 9781118391303
ASLI’s Choice for bringing together the science of climate, weather and forecasting that many will reference as they work in and with this important geographical area.

ASLI Choice Honorable Mentions
International Cloud Atlas: Manual on the Observation of Clouds and Other Meteors
Dr. Stephen Cohn (chair, USA), Mr. Michael Bruhn (co-chair, Australia), Task Team, World Meteorological Organization, and Hong Kong University, host for the website.
ASLI’s Choice for the visionary initiative to create an online, updated version of this renowned work.

Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry
Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry
By Guy P. Brasseur, and Daniel J. Jacob
Cambridge University Press
Print ISBN: 9781107146969
ASLI’s Choice for a thorough, comprehensive book that successfully achieves its purpose: “to provide insight into the methods used in models of atmospheric chemistry.”

2017 ASLI Choice: History Category
Make it Rain: state control of the atmosphere in twentieth-century America
Make it Rain: state control of the atmosphere in twentieth-century America
By Kristine C. Harper
University of Chicago Press
Print ISBN: 9780226437231
ASLI’s Choice for a history of US weather control that will be widely consulted in the future to explain what happened in the past.

ASLI Choice History Honorable Mentions
A Farewell to Ice: a report from the Arctic
A Farewell to Ice: a report from the Arctic
By Peter Wadhams
Oxford University Press
Print ISBN: 9780190691158
ASLI’s Choice for an engaging environmental history of the Arctic that describes its past and fragile present and future.

Climate change and the health of nations
Climate change and the health of nations: famines, fevers, and the fate of populations
By Anthony J. McMichael with Alistair Woodward and Cameron Muir
Oxford University Press
Print ISBN: 9780190262952
ASLI’s Choice for providing a careful, detailed account of the long influence of climate on human history, health and disease.

2017 ASLI Choice: Popular Category
Hole in the Wind
A Hole in the Wind: a climate scientist’s bicycle journey across the United States
By David Goodrich
Pegasus Books Ltd.
ISBN: 9781681774312
ASLI’s Choice for a book that will, and a journey that did, bring climate science to many along the way.

ASLI Choice Popular Honorable Mention
Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming
Paul Hawken, Editor.
Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780143130444
ASLI’s Choice for collecting in a single volume the wide array of ideas generated by those working toward a healthier planet.