Officers and Committees

2023 Executive Board/Officers


Chair: Ashley Orehek-Rossi
STEM Librarian/Assistant Professor
Western Kentucky University
P: (270) 745-6158
Chair-elect: Vacant
Past Chair: Joyce M. Shaw
Head Librarian & Professor
Gunter Library/University Libraries
Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
The University of Southern Mississippi
703 East Beach Drive
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
P: (228) 872-4213
F: (228) 872-4264
Secretary: Elise Gowen
Earth, Energy, and Mineral Sciences Librarian
Earth and Mineral Sciences Library
Penn State
105 Deike Building
University Park, Pennsylvania 16801
P: (814) 863-7324
Treasurer: Jamie Stanfield
Science, Nursing and Health Librarian
Gulf Coast Library
University of Southern Mississippi
730 East Beach Boulevard
Long Beach, MS 39560
P: (228) 214-3467

Committees and Liaisons

AMS Liaison: Sophie Mankins
American Meteorological Society
45 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108-3693
P: (617) 227-2426 x 213
F: (617) 742-8718
ASLI Archivist: Description: The ASLI Bylaws state that: “Records and publications of the Associations shall be deposited into the repository at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Central Library.” Duties of the Archivist would be to collect all records and publications, such as annual meeting minutes, Executive Board minutes, official photographs, committee reports, etc. and deposit them in the Archives. The Archivist duties can be performed by the ASLI Secretary if no designated Archivist is available.
ASLI’s Choice Awards Committee: Description: For several years this ASLI Committee has recognized outstanding books published each year in the atmospheric sciences. The (main) “ASLI Choice” award is given to a scientific or technical title; if appropriate, the group also recognizes excellent books in the categories History, Popular, and/or Reference or Social Sciences. Members identify possible titles, review books, and organize the notifications to authors and publishers for a formal presentation of awards during the ASLI Annual Conference.

Co-Chairs (2020- ):
Elise Gowen
P: (814) 863-7324

Denise Wetzel

Members:  Joseph Kraus, Cynthia Prosser

Membership Committee: Description:
•  To encourage membership in ASLI and solicit new members.
•  To coordinate advice to and mentoring of new ASLI members and provide information on networking opportunities.
•  To collect and forward nominations of ASLI Honorary Members to the Executive Board.
•  To work with the ASLI treasurer to maintain the ASLI membership listing/database including renewals.
•  To contact members who have not renewed, encouraging renewal, including welcoming back lapsed and late renewals.
•  To lead initiatives to encourage international members.
•  To update and maintain the ASLI brochure.
•  To plan for publicity and promotion of ASLI, such as brochure distribution or participation in exhibit areas, at other related/appropriate professional conferences and events.
•  To promote ASLI to Library and Information Science (LIS) programs, encourage LIS students to join ASLI, and attend the annual meetings.
Chair: Justin Easterday
Members: Dominique Morandia, Ashley Orehek
Bylaws Committee: Description: To review and maintain the ASLI Bylaws and update them when necessary, to reflect changing technology, as it relates to such areas as communicating with members or voting, and the shifting needs of ASLI. The following wording is from the ASLI Bylaws, with a link to the full Bylaws:
“…. Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any Association meeting provided written or electronic notice containing the text of the proposed amendment has been sent to each member at least 30 days before the meeting at which it is to be considered.”ASLI Bylaws:
Conference Program Committee: Description: The primary responsibility of this committee, under the direction of the ASLI Chair-Elect, is to plan and organize the ASLI Annual Meeting.
This includes:
•  Overseeing the annual meeting program.
•  ASLI Booth planning, scheduling & maintenance of Booth materials.
•  AMS Career Day events, presentations or table staffing to promote ASLI to AMS students attending the AMS Annual Meeting.
•  Assisting the Chair and Chair-Elect with all other activities and presentations associated with the annual meeting that is held in conjunction with the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting.
•  Assisting the ASLI Chair-Elect with annual meeting program tasks, such as promoting and publicizing the annual meeting, sending out “calls for abstracts” to affiliated/related professional organizations, using the AMS website to upload abstract submissions, overseeing presenter/speaker details, detailed program creation (in compliance with AMS scheduled lunches & breaks), including any ASLI meeting activities such as the annual dinner and field trips.
Chair: Joyce Shaw (or Current Chair-Elect for ASLI, aka Program Chair (term limits not applicable))
Members: Elise Gowen, Chris Sherratt, Lisa Fish, Sophie Mankins, Ashley Orehek
Nominating Committee: Description: To nominate candidates for elective offices.
The following wording is from the ASLI Bylaws:
“A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Board no later than six months prior to the Annual Business Meeting. The current secretary, treasurer, and past-chair shall each appoint one member to the Nominating Committee. This Committee shall be composed of three members; one member shall have been a former officer or member of the previous Nominating Committee.
Each year the Nominating Committee shall present one or two candidates for chair-elect and either secretary or treasurer, the latter two offices to be filled in alternate years. The Committee shall obtain the acceptance of each nominee prior to submission of its report.
The report of the Nominating Committee shall be published in writing or by electronic mail at least three months before the Annual Business Meeting. Further nominations accompanied by written acceptance of the nominee may be entered by petition of not less than 10 Association members and shall be filed with the Nominating Committee at least 60 days before the Annual Business Meeting. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be presented for approval by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting.
If the slate includes more than one candidate for any office, election shall be by ballot at the Association’s Annual Business Meeting. The candidate who receives the largest number of votes for any office shall be elected. In the event of a tie, the tie shall be broken by a majority vote of the membership at the Annual Business Meeting.”
•  Candidate slate presented to the Executive Board at least three months prior to annual meeting (i.e. August, September or early October).
•  Nominating Committee report with candidate names and offices published by electronic mail to the membership three months prior to the annual business meeting (i.e. early to mid-October).
Elected Officers: Chair-Elect, Secretary, TreasurerChair: ASLI Past-Chair
Members: A total of 3 current ASLI members. One member appointed by each of the following officers: secretary, treasurer, and past-chair.
Website & Communications Committee: Description:
•  Maintain the open-source content management software system for managing the website.
•  Train ASLI officers, committee chairs and members to maintain content areas of the website as appropriate. Coordinate content management responsibilities with the Committee Chair.
•  Assist the Conference Committee with the creation of a sub-site within the ASLI website to serve as the Annual Meeting website, with appropriate links to the AMS annual conference website.
•  Assist any Committee or ASLI Task Group that would like to create web pages for the ASLI site that are specific to their activities.
•  Maintain and monitor the ASLI email Listserv and assist members with subscribing or unsubscribing, or disseminating messages & news, if necessary.
• Investigate and coordinate any and all ASLI presence and related information in the various social media platforms, such as a news blog and Facebook, etc.
Members: Brian Voss (Website), Fred Stoss (Outreach/Communications)

Past Officers