2020 Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for ASLI 2020 in Boston, MA is Open!

The 23rd Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) Conference will be held 15-16 January, 2020 in conjunction with the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.  This is the centennial year of the AMS, and to honor its 100th anniversary it has established the theme “Past, Present, and Future: Linking Information to Knowledge to Society.” The AMS theme informs the theme of the ASLI Conference “ASLI in 2020: Building on the Past to Inform the Future.” As librarians and information professionals we strive to link individuals and groups to the information they seek. This work raises the knowledge base available to all. As our library services and resources advance, how do our competencies need to change? What stays the same? How do we build collaborations and bring technical strengths to ensure those in the many disciplines represented by AMS, and the public, find the most relevant information for their work? How do librarians and libraries serving the AMS disciplines respond to changes and challenges?  How is the scholarly communication landscape within AMS disciplines evolving?  What can we learn from analysis of atmospheric science literature during the last 100 years?  ASLI invites papers addressing any of the above topics and questions. 

A popular session, “Technology Tools and Tips” will also be scheduled.  These short talks are opportunities to describe any tool or innovation you’ve found useful.  Talks on technology failures and lessons learned are especially welcome, as are proposals from students using innovative strategies around information and data.

ASLI will also co-sponsor a Joint Session with the Environmental Information Processing Technologies Conference on “FAIR and Open Data within the Atmospheric Sciences.” Papers that describe innovative technological advances, curation and preservation of data, and solutions that help us understand and serve data needs in the field are most welcome. Deadline extended: Please submit presentation proposal abstracts to ASLI program chair, Elizabeth Fish (email: efish@miami.edu) by 15 August 2019.  Submissions should include full contact information for the presenter(s), a title, and a brief abstract of less than 250 words.  In most cases, presentations are 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.  For additional information, please contact Elizabeth Fish or Christine Sherratt (gcsherra@mit.edu).