2004 ASLI Survey Results

Question 1: Are you a member of Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI)?
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Yes 26 48.15% 48.15%
No 28 51.85% 51.85%
DNR 0 N/A 0.00%


Question 2: If not a current member of ASLI, why not?
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Never heard of ASLI 8 28.57% 14.81%
Not my subject or area of interest 3 10.71% 5.56%
Other reasons or if you dropped membership, please explain why 17 write-in answers 60.71% 31.48%
DNR 26 N/A 48.15%


I am on the ASLI listserv and it seems to be sufficient for my purpose.
I need to send in my check!
I personally pay for professional memberships and therefore have to limit the number to which I belong
No resources to pay membership fees.
On to-do list; haven’t done yet
There was little or no activity, not even on the listserv
There was long time unclear if [my organization] shall have any library since 2005.
US/NA centric
changed fields, although I retain a great deal of interest in ASLI
i’m a student of meteorology in Serbia
my institution does not support travel to conferences, which is the main reason for membership
new to the field of atmospheric science
not located in the USA e.g. cannot afford to go to meetings – I am on the mailing list


Question 3: I have attended an ASLI Conference.
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Yes 13 24.07% 24.07%
No 41 75.93% 75.93%
DNR 0 N/A 0.00%


Question 4: If you are not attending ASLI conferences, please indicate the reasons why. Select all that apply.
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Don’t know about them 12 32.43% 22.22%
No support from institutions for attending conferences 9 24.32% 16.67%
Can only attend a certain number of conferences per year and ASLI is not a priority 19 51.35% 35.19%
Too expensive (Did you know that ASLI has a special registration rate of only $65 for 2005?) 7 18.92% 12.96%
DNR 17 N/A 31.48%


Question 5: Other reasons for not attending ASLI conferences.
Sometimes it is just distance.
I’m just getting started in this group, and am try to connect. I get almost no support for attending conferences…
I have wanted to go, but the timing just hasn’t worked out for me. Others from our institution have gone and I hear about the conference from them.
Don’t hear about them in time to plan attendance.
As the conferences are situated in US it is expensive for members not situated it the States to attend.
Our librarian is a member of ASLI and attends the meetings. I’m involved in research project and personnel management for a research group within an atmospheric sciences organization.
I’m not sure why I was included in the list for this survey.
Can only attend a certain number of conferences per year. I am interested in attending ASLI, but I can not be certain that I would receive funding given the budget situation.
The big reason is that Atmospheric Sciences is only part of my position so time does not permit attendance at everything I think would be beneficial. Still hope to come to a future one. Your topics, programs, etc. are all of interest.
Travel costs prohibitive.
Although I have not attended a conference yet, one of my colleagues has and shares the information that way.
New to ASLI and the field, only started 1 year ago.
ASLI conferences seems to be meant for meteorologists but I am a librarian and information specialist, not a meteorologist. Their themes have seemed me too theoretical. I am graduated in humanities not sciences. I have of course worked in meteorological library 30 years.
The “too expensive” is not due to the registration fee but the travel costs involved coming from Europe
Although the main reason is cost, the US is a bit far to travel for a conference for this Library
Cost is the second factor. My primary conference is SLA.
I recently joined ASLI, I am planning to attend the future conferences.
Sometimes there’s an overlap with other meetings I attend regularly.
I’m a of physics and meteorology from Serbia and Montenegro and it’s almost impossible for me to attend the conference


Question 6: Presentations from scientists
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 7 14.89% 12.96%
Somewhat Important 21 44.68% 38.89%
Most Important 19 40.43% 35.19%
DNR 7 N/A 12.96%


Question 7: Presentations from vendors
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 14 29.17% 25.93%
Somewhat Important 22 45.83% 40.74%
Most Important 12 25.00% 22.22%
DNR 6 N/A 11.11%


Question 8: Presentations on library issues
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 1 2.08% 1.85%
Somewhat Important 3 6.25% 5.56%
Most Important 44 91.67% 81.48%
DNR 6 N/A 11.11%


Question 9: Please list other programming suggestions.
Overview of climatological data. How its collected, who maintains it, how to access it, etc.
Because many members deal more precisely with Atmospheric Sciences than I get too, I would relish networking with them and hearing presentations about their successes and challenges, especially in the areas of collection development and data.
Never likely to attend a conference
CSA demonstrate how to use the MGA database, that would draw in others from the conferenceOCLC or one of the regional groups demonstrating Connections/ILL/Searching
Round Robin type updates from other ASLI members on their current issues, struggles, discoveries, etc.
I would like to see some presentations of Open access and electronic publishing.Copy right matters and things such as information literacy are also very interesting.


Question 10: Bibliographies on core books
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 4 8.33% 7.41%
Somewhat Important 20 41.67% 37.04%
Most Important 24 50.00% 44.44%
DNR 6 N/A 11.11%


Question 11: Bibliography of core journals
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 1 2.13% 1.85%
Somewhat Important 17 36.17% 31.48%
Most Important 29 61.70% 53.70%
DNR 7 N/A 12.96%


Question 12: List of core web sites
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 3 6.25% 5.56%
Somewhat Important 10 20.83% 18.52%
Most Important 35 72.92% 64.81%
DNR 6 N/A 11.11%


Question 13: Profiles of member libraries
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 11 23.40% 20.37%
Somewhat Important 23 48.94% 42.59%
Most Important 13 27.66% 24.07%
DNR 7 N/A 12.96%


Question 14: Book reviews
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 9 18.75% 16.67%
Somewhat Important 26 54.17% 48.15%
Most Important 13 27.08% 24.07%
DNR 6 N/A 11.11%


Question 15: ASLI conference proceedings
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 2 4.17% 3.70%
Somewhat Important 24 50.00% 44.44%
Most Important 22 45.83% 40.74%
DNR 6 N/A 11.11%


Question 16: Networking opportunities
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Least Important 1 2.04% 1.85%
Somewhat Important 16 32.65% 29.63%
Most Important 32 65.31% 59.26%
DNR 5 N/A 9.26%


Question 17: I would like to be contacted by the ASLI membership chair.
Answer Responses Percentages

Responded Total
Yes 11 25.58% 20.37%
No 32 74.42% 59.26%
DNR 11 N/A 20.37%


Question 18: Please specify other suggestions for activities.
Develop a guide to climatological data.
There are occasionally individuals with journal and book collections who are retiring and want to donate them. I wonder if ASLI could provide a “clearing house” mechanism to find good homes for these.
Poster sessions (especially with any research or use of statistical information). This would really be great if there were partnerships with the scientists.
Ever thought of Web conferencing?
Libraries of the month featured on the listservMore discussion on the listserv
Can’t think of any, yet.
I think that it is very important to discuss about the role of such special libraries than meteorological libraries. Many meteorologists and scientists seems to think that they need no more library or librarians, because everything is in the webb. All they need is e-versions of core journals. Is it really so? In my organization the library services are considered to buy from other library. After three years thinking they turn to
retain our library as a part common library of two institutions.
Anything to do with interlibrary loans is of greatest interest to me


Question 19: Please provide any other suggestions or comments. Thank you for your time.
I would like to be more active in this group but I am not exactly sure how and if I really qualify. My position as Librarian for the Geography & Map Library involves Atmospheric Sciences since the Geography Department includes a section on Meteorology and Climate. I treasure the lists, questions, and ILL that are shared on the listserv. I also just like knowing names of people who know the field in more depth than I can.
As the director of publications [at my organization], I think that it is important to be in touch with the library associations that cover the scientific disciplines that [my organization] also serves. I did not answer your questions about specific programming because that should be driven by your primary membership. It was only recently (last couple of years) that I learned about your association and joined shortly thereafter. Best of luck in your endeavors. I know that you have close connections with AMS, but if there is a connection with [my organization] that think may be beneficial, please let me know.
Don’t have anything yet, too new to ASLI. Looking forward to attending conferences and meeting other members. Thanks
There is need to provide free membership to developing country Atmospheric Librarians who have no resources to pay for membership. Also support to attend conferences of the ASLI.
my areas are physics, math, and astronomy.
We do not have a meteorology program at my institution.
Potentially I am interested in any work done by ASLI as I think it is a good idea to have such a group. I certainly would be happy to hear about anything new that gets done.
Maybe I should learn more about the group. How much is membership?
I’m not providing very good input, because most of the things that would interest someone currently working in public services would not necessarily interest me. To me, discussion sessions, the business meeting, and such, are the most important parts of a conference.
Basically a lurker on the ASLI listserv, but if my responsibilities become less tsunami specific and more weather specific will definitely join. Appreciate the opportunity to at least ‘know of’ weather librarians
Attending the ASLI Annual Conference held in Seattle this year was a great experience to me. Thank you.
ASLI may provide full financial support for travel registration and stay to the participants from the developing countries or the Institutions having low budget intend to attend the conference and present a paper.
I will go to your website to investigate joining your organization.