2010 ASLI Choice Awards

The sixth annual ASLI’s Choice Awards presentation takes place in Seattle, WA, during the AMS 91st Annual Meeting on Wed. Jan. 26, 2011 at 16:45 at the ASLI booth (#121) in the Exhibit Hall.

For ASLI’s Choice 2010, there are three awards, the main Science/Technology Category, the History Category and the Popular Category, as well as honorable mentions in each category – two in Science, two in History and one in Popular.

The winners are…

2010 ASLI Choice:
Measurement Methods in Atmospheric Sciences: in situ and remote
Stefan Emeis
Borntraeger Science Publishers
ISBN: 9783443010669
ASLI’s Choice for a comprehensive overview of the many atmospheric monitoring and measurement methods and instruments.

2010 ASLI Choice: Popular Category
The Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Change : a complete visual guide
Authors: Juliane L. Fry, Hans-F Graf, Richard Grotjahn, Marilyn N. Raphael, Clive Saunders, Richard Whitaker
University of California Press
ISBN: 0520261011 ; 9780520261013
ASLI’s Choice for a beautifully illustrated, authoritative and succinct introduction to meteorology and climate.

2010 ASLI Choice: Historical Category
Vast Machine: Computer Models, Climate Data, and the Politics of Global Warming
Paul N. Edwards
MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262013925 ; 0262013924
ASLI’s Choice for insightful analysis of the models and data that form the basis of our understanding of climate change.

Honorable Mentions:

2010 Honorable Mentions – Science Category
Hydrometeorology : Forecasting and applications
Kevin Sene
ISBN: 9789048134021; 9048134021; 9789048134038; 904813403X
Honorable mention for an authoritative review of recent developments in hydrometeorological forecasting.

Turbulence in the Atmosphere
John C. Wyngaard
ISBN: 9780521887694 ; 0521887690
Honorable mention for an up-to-date treatment of turbulence in engineering flows and the atmospheric boundary layer that meets the needs of both advanced students and researchers.

2010 Honorable Mentions – Historical Category
Fixing the Sky: The checkered history of weather and climate control
James Rodger Fleming
Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231144124 ; 9780231513067
Honorable mention for use of original and archival research to trace the history of human effort to control the weather.

Weather on the Air: A history of broadcast meteorology
Robert Henson
American Meteorological Society
ISBN: 9781878220981
Honorable mention for its engaging exploration of the many influences on weather broadcasts over the past decades.

2010 Honorable Mention – Popular Category
Changing arctic landscape : before and after
Ken D. Tape
University of Alaska Press
ISBN: 9781602230804 ; 1602230803
Honorable mention for the use of historic and modern photographs to illustrate the impacts of climate change on vegetation, permafrost and glaciers.

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