2019 Conference Program

22nd Annual Atmospheric Science Librarians International Conference
Phoenix, AZ January 9-10, 2019
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“Understanding and Building Resilience to Extreme Events by Being Interdisciplinary, International, and Inclusive (III)”

See also the program with abstracts on the AMS website

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
ASLI program and dinner
Room North 123 (Phoenix Convention Center, West and North Buildings)

8:00am On site Registration
8:30am Session 1:
Welcome Address and Introductions

Elise Gowen, Chair, Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI), Earth and Mineral Sciences Library, Penn State
9:00am Session 2: Keynote
Moderator: Jan Thomas, NOAA

Rethinking the Climate Change Narrative
Peter Friederici
Freelance Journalist and Professor, Northern Arizona University

10:00am Break and Formal Poster Viewing
10:30am Session 3: Strengthening Atmospheric Library Services with Technology
Moderator: Lisa Fish, University of Miami

3.1: ASLI: Sphere and Now: Science on a Sphere at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
Jan Thomas, NOAA

10:45am 3.2: Tracking Translations in a Digital Age: a Mix of Old and New Tools?
Chris Sherratt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11:00am 3.3: Interactive Library Web App for Interdisciplinary Libraries
Lory Jean DL. Canillo, PAGASA,
11:15am 3.4: Virtual Forecast: Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology in the Atmospheric and Climate Sciences
Elise Gowen, Chair, Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI), Earth and Mineral Sciences Library, Penn State
11:30am 3.5: A Vision of the Library’s Role in Archiving Scholarly Artifacts (Invited Presentation)
Martin Klein, Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library, Los Alamos, NM
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Session 4: Atmospheric Data, Collections, and Research Services in Academic Libraries
Moderator: Joyce Shaw, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, University of Southern Mississippi

4.1: Helicity, CAPE, and Libraries: Exploring how Academic Libraries Support Meteorology Students through Research Guides
Denise Wetzel, Florida State University Libraries

1:45pm 4.2: Scaling Research Services for the New American University Library
Matthew Harp, Arizona State University; John Kromer, Arizona State University
2:00pm 4.3: Librarians as Researchers and Academics
David Ehrensperger, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
2:15pm 4.4: The Future of Print Collections at Arizona State University Library
Lorrie McAllister, Arizona State University; Shari Laster, Arizona State University
2:30pm Formal Poster Viewing with Coffee Break
3:00pm Session 5: The Future of Libraries and Atmospheric Science Librarians International
Moderator: Denise Wetzel, Florida State University

5.1: ASLI & Sustainability: Unexplored and Relevant
Frederick Stoss, SUNY Buffalo

3:15pm 5.2: Librarians Support Technology Commercialization: The Business Intelligence Unit at the University of Arizona
Jim Martin, University of Arizona
3:30pm 5.3: Celebrating 100 Years of AMS
Jinny Nathans, AMS Librarian and Curator
3:45pm 5.4: Discussion: Planning for AMS Centennial Meeting
4:00pm Formal Poster Viewing Reception
6:00pm Sessions end for the day
7:00pm Annual ASLI Dinner
at The Strand.

Thursday, January 10, 2019
ASLI Program, Data Stewardship Joint Session, Vendor Updates
Room North 123 (Phoenix Convention Center, West and North Buildings)

8:00am One day on-site Registration
8:30am Joint Session 22: Data Stewardship I: Accessing and Archiving Climate Data

22.1: “What’s In It For You?”: Preserving Data at NCEI
V. Toner, ERT Corp (contractor for NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI); and N. A. Ritchey
8:45am 22.2: The Copernicus Climate Data Store: ECMWF’s approach to providing online access to climate data and tools.
Cedric Bergeron, ECMWF (with B. Raoult, A. Lopez-Alos, G. Biavati, E. Damasio-Da-Costa, K. Marsh, I. Rozum, J. N. Thépaut, and D. Dee)
9:00am 22.3: Operational Solutions for Increasing the Value and Usability of Earth Science Data via a Data Quality Framework
David Moroni, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology and  Yaxing Wei, Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Donna Scott, Robert Downs,
Zhong Liu, Ge Peng
9:15am 22.4: Data Management Services Supported by NCAR’s Research Data Archive
Thomas Cram and Doug Schuster, National Center for Atmospheric Research
9:30am Exhibit Hall Breakfast
10:30am Session 6: AMS and MGA Updates
Moderator: Jennifer Harbster, UC Davis

6.1: ProQuest Atmospheric Science Collection & MGA Database and Legacy
Paula McCoy, ProQuest Managing Editor, Science and Taxonomy

10:45am 6.2: AMS Publications: The Year in Review and Forecast for 2019
11:00am 6.3 AMS Books Program
Sarah Jane Shangraw, AMS Books Managing Editor
11:00am 6.4 AMS Monographs: The Changing Publishing Landscape
Mike Friedman, AMS Journals Production Manager
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm ASLI Choice Book Awards
This year the awards for the best books published in 2018 will be presented in the ASLI Conference Room. Please join us to honor the authors and publishers!
1:30pm Joint Session 23: Data Stewardship II: Data Discovery

23.1: Developing a cross-organizational search and discovery system at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Matt Mayernik, NCAR Library
1:45pm 23.2: Fit for Purpose: Assisting Users Data Discovery through the Application of the Data Stewardship Maturity Model
Nancy A. Ritchey, National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI)
2:00pm 23.3: An Update on GPM and TRMM Data Services at NASA GES DISC
Zhong Liu, George Mason Univ./Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems and NASA/GSFC/GES DISC, and B. Vollmer, A. Savtchenko, B. Deshong, D. Ostrenga, F. Fang, M. Greene, A. Albayrak, E. Sherman, J. Acker, A. W. Li, C. L. Shie, J. Wei, and D. Meyer
2:15pm 23.4: Addressing Flexibility, Performance, and Security Challenges in Developing the Bureau of Reclamation’s Information Sharing Environment (RISE)
Levi D. Brekke, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and A. Danner, K. Nowak, S. Poulton, and J. Nagode
2:30pm 23.5: Weather on the Web
Peter J. Trevelyan, Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom and R. Carne
2:45pm 23.6: Enabling FAIR Data within AMS
Michael Friedman, American Meteorological Society
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Session 7: Panel: Current Trends and Issues in Atmospheric Science Librarianship
Moderator: Frederick Stoss, SUNY Buffalo
Christine Reed, National Weather Center Library
Christine Sherratt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Elise Gowen, Penn State University
4:00pm Session 8: ASLI Business Meeting
5:00pm 99th AMS Annual Meeting adjourns

Friday, January 11, 2019
Annual ASLI Field Trip

8:30am-2:30pm Annual ASLI Field Trip
Heard Museum Tour and Library Visit
Cost approx. TBA (Not included in registration)