Two new ASLI Leaders

Ashley Orehek has been elected vice chair for 2022. She will be chair of the ASLI annual conference 2023 program committee.

Denise Wetzel has volunteered to chair our ASLI Choice Book Awards committee. If you have any recommendations for the award committee, please let Denise know!

Ashley Orehek is an instructional librarian at Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky. If you wonder why she is your new ASLI vice-chair, it is because she aspires to be an atmospheric science — or general science — librarian. Ashley has a B.S. in meteorology with an emphasis in emergency management and GIS from Millersville University. After taking some time off working and volunteering, she went back for her M.S. in information sciences from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, participating in research relating to job analyses of science liaison librarians (see the research here: Ashley continues to actively participate in AMS activities, like serving as a Student Conference Planning Committee member (2020-2022). Lindsey Wilson College is her first job as a librarian.
Ashley Orehek

Statement: I’m very excited to get involved with and represent this community! It was inspirational to me as a graduating meteorology senior several years ago to learn that I could marry my coursework with a profession I enjoyed. I hope to provide a similar influence on the next generation of atmospheric science students, to be creative and innovative in finding your professional calling in life.

Denise A. Wetzel is a Science & Engineering Librarian at Pennsylvania State University Libraries. She holds a Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Alabama, a Masters in Aquatic Environmental Science from Florida State University, and a B.H. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Pennsylvania State University. Before joining PSU, Denise worked for Florida State University Libraries, Mississippi State University Libraries, and as a teacher.